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Adjustment of the model fuel engine oil needle

First of all, a lot of my friends would ask: Your gasoline engine oil needle to open a number of laps? - In fact, this is an error, model car gasoline engine oil needle is not a \ "standard \" position, the fuel brand, then the temperature / humidity, oil needle set are not necessarily the same.

If I have an experience of value, Well, the main oil needle clockwise Off is coming to an end, and counterclockwise to open 3.5 to 4 laps, vice Clockwise Off to the head after 2.5 to 3 turns counterclockwise to open. This experience may not be applicable to you, but if you really did not grasp, is located in such a way look at it .......

Meet with needle:

The oil needle summarized sentence: low speed needle (the deputy oil needle) responsible for car accelerating from rest to the reaction speed, the more screwed in the faster; responsible for the high speed needle (main oil needle) the maximum speed of the car, the more screwed in The speed of the faster; idle screw is responsible for the car idling, the more screwed in idling the higher.

Main humidity needle affects throttle linearity, but also with the low speed needle related, novices do not move it.

Oil needle adjustment method is as follows:

1, the temperature is ready and coarse:

Ensure that the oil needle at the factory state, if you have been mixed up, put the main Clockwise Off to the head, open to 4.5 turns counterclockwise, Deputy Clockwise Off is coming to an end, to open 3.5 turns counterclockwise :)

Start car, so the car from the air, this time a little throttle, the engine running enough temperature (about 15-25 seconds)

Until the engine temperature reaches the work needs to start tuning.

2, the main oil-pin coarse:

Fierce reminder a few throttle (valve fully open), listening to the sound, full throttle, the gasoline engine sound is very sharp, dry, seems to have strength, but do not increase the feeling, you amplify the main oil-pin (inverse clockwise - the oil-rich)

Oil needle circle regarded as 60 minutes, each tuned amplitude for 5 minutes, and tune to the time until the accelerator is fully opened, the engine at top speed, the sound is strong and quite sharp.

3, the main oil-pin fine-tuning - listening Resolution bit:

Good set of gasoline engine sound is completely commanded listen to your fingers, not your fingers move, and also stick to their voice

Then full throttle, and then immediately return to the idle position, listening to the sound of the engine.

Sound should be so: the tone is very high speed when, immediately return to the idle time is very calm and coherent, absolutely no \ "tone classification \"

High-speed return to idle when the normal tone: wowowowowo ..... dadadada
High-speed return to idle when the incorrect tone: wowowowowo ..... ooooo ........ dadadada

The orange above idle stage \ "o \", \ "tone \" in high-speed landing \ "idle \" process, there is a do not listen to the finger command of tone, this tone is the symbol of the "chasing oil.

"Chasing oil," said the engine by the high-speed to the idle process, the oil supply is inadequate - so we hear the engine tone is inconsistent, the middle seems to have refused to slow down the pitch, even the engine sustained high-speed to get down .......

Encountered "to chase oil" we must enlarge the main oil needle some (counter-clockwise - the oil-rich) until it meets the normal tone, no do not listen to the finger command of middle tones.

Purposes of the tuning of the main oil-pin is the engine oil needle closing (clockwise) to close to "recover oil," the point (that is the limit of the engine), try squeezing engine a power and speed

4, set idle

First, take the air filter, remote throttle control to push the brake, the valve clearance should be 1 mm, if not, adjust the idle speed screw.

Next, do not touch the remote control throttle, steering gear return to idling state, observe the valve clearance should still be about 1 mm. If not, adjust the position of the midpoint of the steering gear of the remote control.

Immediately returned to idle to full throttle, if the engine immediately turn off, to increase the idle speed (idle screw clockwise to increase the idle speed).

The idle valve clearance generally not greater than one millimeter too much. If your valve clearance has been much greater than 1 mm, the rc gas engine is still very unstable easily fire death, attempting then to check, to see if the fuel quality problem. If the idle speed is too high (the wheels began to turn, or the idle high pitch), you properly reduced idling or sustained over time, the clutch is likely to burn.

5, the vice needle adjustments:

Vice needle called the low speed needle, by definition, which is in charge of the engine of the state in the low-speed state. Want to play the rise of the friends need to be aware of the low speed needle adjustment :)

Full throttle, then back to idle, listening to idle when the pitch is too low (if there is phlegm in the throat), but when you suddenly accelerate when the throttle response \ "slow \", the Vice the oil needle decreases (clockwise) until tuned to rapid throttle response, acceleration linear no \ "delay \" feeling. Deputy needle closing small will make to start faster, but too small, the same will be chasing the oil situation, once tuned small needle, chasing oil, you can zoom Deputy needle (counterclockwise ).

Relatively simple but practical the vice oil needle adjust the way: the vice oil needle shut open to about 3.5 turns, then the car, briefly fierce refueling see cars start fast offensive, objectionable words on 5 minutes 5 minutes to closing a small vice oil needle, until the most powerful vehicle to accelerate from rest (do not be blind pursuit of violence lead to "chasing oil).

6, the running state of the overall fine-tuning:

Stationary state regulation after, you also need careful adjustment hierarch oil needle on the track.

First tank full of fuel, and high-speed walking laps of the track to see whether enough speed.

A maximum speed of closing small main oil needle (clockwise - Each tune "3 minutes" amplitude), you can test every 1-2 laps and then walk again tuned again - until the engine play a desired speed, and there is no overheat.

Check the temperature of the gasoline engine, the more professional approach is to use the model-specific infrared thermometer:

Of course, there are simple and cheap check the rc engine temperature: drop a little water on top of the engine cooling - water points within 3-5 seconds evaporation is a normal phenomenon, such as water points immediately evaporate, this is overheating, now the main oil pin. the Big 5 minutes turn (counterclockwise) and then walk a few laps, again check engine temperature is back to normal ... it will be very dangerous Oh ...

Of course, using the method of water droplets generally only suitable for experienced veteran, I have not seen the first touch engine novice proper use of water droplets law, so if you are new novice, or buy a thermometer it :)

Proper engine tune, the engine should be generated at a high speed when a strong high-frequency sounds, and the obvious thin smoke should be discharged from the exhaust nozzle.

Several easy to normal novice worries:

1, the rc engine turn up the intermittent sound of some metal collision: Ignore it generally is the voice of the clutch and gear when inaudible

2, the rc engine is a fuel on the fire death: General Deputy needle too rich oil received little vice needle like

3 idle for a few minutes, touched on the fire death: normal, because idling case poor discharge of oil, slow throttle, high-speed operation ejected plot engine oil can

4, the resumption of oil when the engine speed is not down, as if in singing Diaosang Zi: see lean?

A brake on the dead fire: Make sure the brake case, whether the damper remain about 1MM gap. If the damper shut the course will turn off, if the damper is too large, the clutch has combined brake equal to forcibly stopped the engine, of course, will turn off.

6, Rc engine heat succeeded not touch: the engine is originally should heat succeeded are not touched.

Simply start vain:

Ignition electricity? - Fire head screwed down connected to the igniter, attempting son should be very bright, if not bright enough, charging it!

Oil into the carburetor it? - Look at the oil is not oil tank arrived carburetor you? If not, start blocking the exhaust pipe to start it and see.

Determine the oil is not too much flooded wet attempting it? - Attempting to remove, empty pull a few rc engine (electric start on idling a few), and can emit excess fuel, to avoid fuel excessive flooded wet attempting.

The electric starter electricity enough? The NRK method correct? - Start fast enough, or pull the right way, can also cause distress, take a look at our pull video, learn about the way .....

8, the engine is very tight, turn no:

Is generally the area of ​​the oil in the engine too much removed attempting empty pull several integrated oil discharge can, do not be hard! ! Otherwise it will damage Recoil / electric start, and even gasoline engine damage (such as damage to the back cover, damaging the rear cover teeth, damage to the one-way bearing, even the most serious we have seen hard to the connecting rod and crankshaft broke !)

If discharged integrated oil tight (usually the new engine will be the case), you can fire head screwed loose a little, let the engine a little leak, so that you will not be so tight, so do not start the gasoline engine will cause damage to other parts: )

Last piece of advice:

1, the novice is best to let a veteran to teach in the next (of course it can not find people to teach not pull, huh, huh)

Too oil-rich or too lean the engine is not good, do not think the oil-rich is to protect the engine, monitoring gasoline engine temperature, and not too violent destruction of its most important :)

3, for many novice mistakes are very concerned about, and sometimes I am afraid are distressed sleep well, in fact, not necessary.

Gasoline engine is not so delicate, and model car is a toy, do not take it too seriously - tuning that short period of time, long as not too violent to destroy the engine does not have too much harm, rest assured, waiting for you play car for a long time, we understand that many fear is completely not necessary.but we can buy the cheap gasoline engine from the online shop, cost is not so much as before, so i think it is very important to get funs from the fly of the aircraft.

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